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World Premiere at
The Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle
( National Museum of Natural History in Paris )

CLOSING ON July 4th 2022 !


Take a leap into the unexpected… Discover the world through the senses… Listen, observe, smell, and feel nature like never before.

With curiosity as your compass, embark on an unforgettable Spectacular Expedition from the tropics to the glaciers of the far north. Feel transported through eight natural environments of stunning beauty and animated by an astonishing variety of species.

Immerse yourself deep into colourful ecosystems rich in sounds and scents; an extraordinary journey where your sense of smell – a powerful trigger for strong sensations – is the key to bringing you closer to the emotions of the living.

Open your eyes, listen carefully, and trust your senses. One by one, the wonders of the world are revealed for an experience that re-connects you with the natural world.

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The living world is a fascinating source of compelling emotions. It is this encounter, this closeness to the wonders around us that Sensory Odyssey proposes to explore through direct sensations.

The spectacular expedition is an unprecedented journey into the heart of biodiversity, an embodied experience of the living that resonates and provokes a deeper relation to nature.

Eight ecosystems have been designed for the public to freely wander; immersive and interactive installations combining strikingly real, high-definition video projections with an array of original visual, sound and olfactory effects.

Without the use of words or text, the experience of rediscovering nature is made all the more profound as it is based on an increased acuity of our senses – our sight and hearing, but more importantly our smell, as it is directly related to our emotions and memory. 

A sensory awakening with the power to change our perception of the world.