Travel Notes

A sensorial exploration of the natural world

Feel the invisible! On this journey without words, the language chosen is that of the senses, a condition of universal emotion.

A picture is worth a thousand words, a smell is worth a thousand pictures

Of all our senses, smell is the one that produces the most emotions. As the key to our memory, our olfactory perceptions allow us to undertake extraordinary journeys through time and space.

Hyper realism: a magnified reality and a transforming experience

Thanks to the illusion of heightened sensorial powers, visitors will be propelled from the microscopic to macroscopic, beyond what is normally perceivable.

A multitude of life stories to tell

Each of the spaces that are explored come to life as if by magic when, thanks to a combination of sensors and other cutting-edge technologies, people have the impression of being projected into the intimacy of species to interact with them.