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Technological innovation at the service of nature and emotions

The complete and interactive approach to the experience is based on a range of advanced technologies combining artificial intelligence, interactive cinematographic content and a multitude of sensory effects, including a unique scent-producing device – owned by and specifically developed for Sensory Odyssey – that disseminates carefully designed natural odours though out the air.


« The landscape cannot be reduced to a spectacle. Touch, smell, hearing, above all, are also affected by the seizure of space. All the senses contribute to the construction of the emotions it provides. »

L’homme dans le paysage
Tailor-made and transportable
A turnkey installation – both standalone and versatile

Surface: starting from 150m2 for a smaller unit, up to 1000m2 for a 60-minute expedition.

Audience capacity: up to 250 people per hour over an area of 1000m2.

Minimising the ecological impact to ensure a sustainable exploitation model.

Lightness and versatility:

the light and flexible structure transports efficiently from venue to venue with a limited number of sets and accessories. Its standardization favours international touring and can be made compatible with any institutional or commercial space.

A complete sensory installation:

the exhibition spaces are made up of giant screens and layers of fabric upon which the high-definition films and light effects are projected, all the while completely concealing the technical aspects of diffusion.